Passionate health research professionals determined to bring the best we can offer for the betterment of Canadian healthcare ecosystem. Please watch the below short presentation for more information on the ITMD Bridging Program.

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Empowering Internationally Trained Medical Doctors (ITMDs) in Canada to be beacons of leadership and professional excellence.


ICaN aims to provide a platform for a diverse group of internationally trained medical doctors (ITMDs) to:

● Provide advocacy on behalf of ITMDs and facilitate policy discussions

● Monitor, examine, and highlight the challenges faced by ITMDs in Canada

● Suggest policy advice to provincial and federal governments and other relevant stakeholders to devise policies and strategies that assist ITMDs’ integration into the Canadian health care system

● Provide a platform for ITMDs to coordinate their activities and develop a comprehensive approach for their future career

● Provide mentorship program to support ICaN members improve their career prospects

● Effectively partner with professional and academic organizations to improve recognition of ITMDs

● Encourage members to make use of their knowledge of culture and languages in promoting better health awareness among ethnic communities

● Promote activities of charitable nature by utilizing the capabilities of ITMDs

● Contribute to global health research by utilizing international experience and capabilities of internationally trained health professionals

Strategic Directions

ICaN strategic priorities are embedded in five pillars:

● Capacity Building and Training

● Mentorship and Leadership

● Outreach and Volunteering

● Global Health Education and Research

● Evidence-based Practice and Policy Influence

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