Internationally Trained Medical Doctors Canada Network

"This innovative and intensive professional development program aims to utilize the skills of international medical graduates and integrate their hard and soft skills within the Canadian context."
Dr. Nour Alhoda Amiri
ITMD cohort-3, MScCH, University of Toronto

THe BeginNing

Internationally trained medical doctors (ITMDs) experience significant challenges becoming licensed in Canada, particularly in Ontario. As a result, a large number of ITMDs either choose a non-healthcare related career below their skill level or remain unemployed. There is a need for alternative career programs to utilize the pool of available ITMDs and to assist their transition into non-licensed jobs in the health sector. To address this problem, Ryerson University’s G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education launched the ITMD Bridging Program in 2015.

Co-founder and Program Lead Dr. Shafi Bhuiyan, PhD created ICAN in 2017 as a platform for ITMDs in Canada to access mentorship in post-graduate training, professional development, global public health education, health research management and career guidance. Graduates of the ITMD Bridging Program volunteer to support health professionals with a diverse range of skills to navigate their career paths in Canada.

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Dr. Shafi U. Buhiyan PhD at the ITMD cohort 7 Graduation event (Oct 2018).

ITMD practicum partners and staff with cohort 7 Graduates (Oct 2018).

Participant Demography and geographical footprint

ITMD Bridging Program participants come to iCAN with a passion to nurture the aspirations of newcomers to the Canadian Healthcare system. They volunteer to support this initiative led by Dr. Bhuiyan, who has a track record of capacity building in healthcare professionals.

ICaN aims to provide mentorship to ITMDs in post-graduate training avenues, professional development pathways, global public health education, health research management and career coaching.

Our strength lies in the diversity that we represent. 60% of all the participants in the ITMD program are female (cohort 1-8) and we have participants from more than 18 countries.

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ITMD bridging Program Features

Multidisciplinary Health Seminar

Project Management

Research Methodology

Practicum Placement

Health Informatics and Data Management

Healthcare Communication and Leadership Skills

Guest lectures

ITMD Bridging Program Practicum Partners

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